Are web3 games the future?

Blockchain technology has found a strong use case in the gaming sector. Gaming has always been a game-changer in the entertainment industry, and now, with the rise of competitive gaming, eSports, and player economies, it’s on the path to being disrupted through web3 and blockchain.

So, why gamers? Well, the simple answer is that gamers are digital natives. Many gamers are already tech-savvy and comfortable navigating the digital space, which sets them apart from the general population.

But wait! There’s more. As we delve deeper into this subject, we will discover that gamers possess other qualities that make it easier for them to understand, interact with, and appreciate the benefits of web3 gaming. This is a fascinating intersection of technology and web3 games that has a lot of promise.

Are web3 games the future?

The rise of in-game economies

In-game economies such as Run Escape and World of Warcraft have been a major influence in educating gamers about digital items and ownership. It’s amazing how players can build wealth in these web3 games by doing things such as mining precious metals and crafting armor and weapons.

In World of Warcraft, for example, a player who has a high level of blacksmithing can gather materials to craft items for them or other players, in exchange for game currency. It’s an interesting system where players have the option to either gather materials themselves or purchase them at the in-game Auction House. Then they can pay the blacksmith a fee to create the items they require. All of this is part of the virtual world and adds a new layer to the gaming experience.

Web3 games are great because they enable players to turn in-game items into real money tokens and sell them on decentralized marketplaces for real money. When you create or acquire rare items within a Web3 game, then selling it off for real cash could be easy and lucrative! Not only that; you can even tokenize and sell player contracts so that you can offer services within Web3 game virtual economies – creating new frontiers of gaming!

We need to talk about web3 games and eSports

Competitive gamers that specialize in eSports have become an impressively large part of gaming culture. By 2025, analysts estimate there will be around 640 million viewers watching their favorite players compete! In 2022 alone there were 532 million viewers of eSports! What an astounding growth eSports has experienced! In 2022 their audience stood at an amazing 532 million and is projected to hit over 700 million viewers by then! This means an enormous audience who are all cheering their players on

Skins form the cornerstone of in-game economies in competitive web3 games. Skins are cosmetic items that allow players to customize the appearance of items within a game such as player models and weapons; sometimes adding special effects that enhance gameplay further. Skins allow gamers of all ages to customize their gaming experience!

Counter-Strike is an enormously popular game, and they recently unveiled Counter-Strike 2 Loot boxes are a fun and rewarding way to acquire items for use in-game based on rarity; knives and gloves tend to be harder to come by so are more valuable when they do surface! Plus it can make game-playing much more entertaining!

Players now have even more trading options with third-party sites, providing them with greater choice than Steam alone and bypassing its 15% fee – listing items on Steam maxes out at a $1,800 maximum price so finding that perfect trade partner is key in unlocking maximum value for these items!

These third-party websites serve as marketplaces where items worth five figures or more are traded daily – some worth over $1 million! It’s like an entirely new world has opened up for gamers. Valve created NFTs unintentionally, and gamers were quickly entranced. Communities formed around NFTs as people speculated prices and considered investing their digital items like real investments; eventually, this whole system had its indexes! Quite astounding!

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Power to the gamers

Web3 and gaming enthusiasts are truly amazed at how everything is coming together so beautifully! Blockchain technology holds immense promise to decentralize player item markets and foster a fairer, more transparent in-game economy. Items used during epic eSports matches can now easily be identified via Web3, giving professional players another way to capitalize on these items – auctioning them to fans to further monetize their careers while fans verify the authenticity. What an awesome combination of gaming and tech!

Web3 games and Blockchain technology are revolutionizing gaming by making it more immersive and lucrative for players. Players are earning real money while playing play-to-earn video games; Venezuelan gamers who once sold RuneScape Gold can now use their earnings in-game as financial support; trading card games such as Gods Unchained become even more valuable and meaningful with NFTs that bring virtual reality closer to reality!

Gaming has become an integral part of our lives and no longer just an indulgence; it’s become an essential way of connecting, supporting favorite players, and competing in competitive gaming arenas. Web3 games seem like the ultimate goal when it comes to merging virtual with physical.

As web3 builders, we bear an immense responsibility to deliver on the promise of web3 games. It’s an exciting experience both for gamers and technology enthusiasts!

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What happens next?

Understandably, some people might have felt discouraged by the market downturn in 2022. It can be disheartening when things don’t go as planned, especially when it comes to the potential of web3 games and blockchain revolutionizing gaming. And with Valve banning NFT and blockchain-related games from Steam, it might have seemed like a setback.

But you know what? Setbacks happen, and it doesn’t mean that all hope is lost. The world of technology and gaming is constantly evolving, and even though there may be challenges along the way, there are still many exciting possibilities for blockchain in gaming. Just because one platform or web3 game doesn’t fully embrace NFTs doesn’t mean others won’t.

It’s important to remember that progress takes time, and as more people learn about web3 games and their potential, attitudes can change. So let’s stay hopeful and keep an eye on the future. Who knows what exciting developments are just around the corner?

It’s really exciting to see AAA gaming studios like Ubisoft and Epic Games embracing NFT and web3 games. Games like “Champions Tactics” and the integration of NFTs in Fortnite show that there’s still a lot of potential for web3 games in the gaming industry.

And you’re right, it’s not just the big studios making waves. Indie developers and other up-and-coming games are also jumping on board and actively embracing NFTs. It’s amazing how they’re using this technology to create fair and decentralized gaming experiences.

I agree with you that once one of these games gains critical mass adoption, it will definitely grab the attention of the rest of the gaming world. It’s like a domino effect, where more and more people will start to notice the potential of blockchain in gaming.

It’s great that offers game developers an easy way to onboard gamers into the world of web3 games. Having low minimum buys and supporting over 40+ different local currencies is a big plus. And the fact that gamers can make transactions without leaving their gaming platform is super convenient.

I love that Nexus’s integration is quick and easy. Just using their SDK means developers can get started without even having to write any code. That’s pretty impressive!

Overall, it sounds like is making it super accessible for game developers to tap into the world of crypto gaming. I’m interested in learning more about it!

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