What is Sustainable Technology?

Gartner has identified sustainable technology as an emerging trend for 2024. But what exactly is sustainable tech and how do we recognize it in an ocean of technological innovations?How can we trust companies who claim they are eco-friendly without concrete actions to support these claims? We ...

Data models: PDM vs. CDM vs. LDM

When it comes to data models, think of them as a way to see how your database functions. They show the data elements, how they relate to each other, and how the data is used in business processes. There are various types of data models, and each one has its own unique uses and value in specific ...

Scripting Languages 101

Scripting Languages 101 are like these super handy programming languages that are specifically designed to automate tasks. It's kind of like having your own little actor who follows your every command! With scripting languages 101, you can do all sorts of cool stuff, like automatically calling ...

DJI launches 3D model editing software

DJI, the world leader in civilian drones and aerial imaging technology, has taken a major step into the world of 3D modeling with the launch of its new software, DJI Modify. This intuitive and intelligent program promises to streamline the post-processing workflow for professionals in surveying, ...

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