Top 7 Free AI Celebrity Voice Generators in 2024 (Top Picks for You)

Harness the power of AI voice cloning and celebrity voices with these toptier AI voice generators. 
Iconic voices of our time possess distinct qualities, capable of conveying authenticity, authority, and awe. They captivate audiences, transport them to different realms, evoke profound emotions, and create unforgettable experiences. Their contributions to storytelling in documentaries, commercials, and more have elevated the craft to remarkable heights.

While preferences vary, certain voices instantly command attention. This comprehensive guide presents the top seven free AI voice celebrity generators, empowering you to select the perfect fit for your project.

AI Makes Celebrities Talk: Text to Speech with a Twist

Imagine a machine that can read anything in the voice of your favorite celebrity. That’s the magic of AI celebrity voice generator. These tools use cutting-edge tech to analyze speech patterns and create near-perfect replicas.

Why Use a Celebrity Voice? More Than Just Fun

Sure, it’s fun to hear Morgan Freeman narrate your grocery list. But AI voice generators have practical uses too. They can create:

  • Engaging Voiceovers: Imagine a captivating commercial narrated by David Attenborough. AI voices can grab attention and enhance your content.
  • Personalized Messages: Surprise a friend with a birthday greeting voiced by their favorite singer.

Be Mindful: The Power of AI Voices

While AI voice generators are cool, it’s important to use them responsibly. Deepfakes, realistic AI-generated videos or audio, can be misused to spread misinformation.

The Future of AI Voices

As technology advances, AI voices will become even more realistic and versatile. This opens doors for creative content and communication, but it also reminds us to be critical consumers of information.

Where Can I Find the Best AI Celebrity Voice Generator?

Here are seven free celebrity AI voice generators to choose from.

  • Vidnoz
  • CleVoice
  • Musicfy
  • Lovo AI
  • Murf AI
  • VoxBox

7 Best and Most Free AI Celebrity Voice Generators in 2024

Vidnoz: Your AI Partner for Celebrity Voiceovers

Vidnoz: Your AI Partner for Celebrity Voiceovers

Vidnoz stands out as a free AI tool that lets you generate speech using celebrity voices. Here’s what makes Vidnoz interesting:

  • Celebrity Voice Library: Breathe life into your videos with narration by your favorite stars. Whether it’s Morgan Freeman’s gravitas or Taylor Swift’s playful tone, Vidnoz has a voice to match your project.
  • Text-to-Speech with a Twist: Simply type your script and choose a celebrity voice. Vidnoz’s AI converts your text into realistic speech, adding a unique touch to your content.
  • More Than Celebrities: While celebrity voices grab attention, Vidnoz isn’t limited to them. You can also clone any voice you like or use their extensive library of non-celebrity voices for different purposes.
  • User-Friendly Platform: Vidnoz is designed for ease of use. No technical expertise is needed. Just pick your voice, enter your text, and let the AI work its magic.

Beyond the Basics:

Vidnoz offers additional features that enhance your video creation experience:

  • AI Avatar Generation: Pair your celebrity voiceover with a talking avatar for a more engaging video experience.
  • Video Editing Tools: Refine your video with basic editing features like trimming and adding background music.
  • Multiple Languages: Reach a wider audience by generating voiceovers in over 140 languages.

Things to Consider:

  • Free with Limitations: While the core functionality is free, advanced features or extensive commercial use might require a paid subscription. Check their pricing plans for details.
  • Responsible Use: Remember, AI-generated celebrity voices can be misused for pranks or spreading misinformation. Use Vidnoz’s power responsibly.

Overall, Vidnoz is a powerful tool for adding a touch of celebrity magic to your videos. With its user-friendly interface and vast voice library, it’s a great option for anyone looking to create engaging content with the help of AI. This is the Best AI Celebrity Voice Generator.

CleVoice: Transform Your Voice with Celebrity Flair

CleVoice: Transform Your Voice with Celebrity Flair

CleVoice is another strong contender in the world of AI celebrity voice generation. Here’s what it offers:

  • Celebrity Voice Playground: Want your prank call sound like Donald Trump? Or maybe narrate your gaming stream with the dulcet tones of Morgan Freeman? CleVoice lets you choose from a variety of celebrity voices to add a humorous or impactful twist to your content.
  • Real-Time Voice Changing: CleVoice isn’t just for pre-recorded content. Use it to change your voice in real-time while chatting with friends on Discord, streaming on Twitch, or even playing games like Fortnite. Imagine surprising your teammates with a sudden celebrity impression!
  • More Than Just Celebrities: CleVoice goes beyond the celebrity realm. It offers a variety of voice filters and effects, allowing you to transform your voice into cartoon characters, monsters, or even achieve a spooky ghost effect.
  • Customization Options: Fine-tune your chosen celebrity voice by adjusting pitch, tone, and speed. This level of control allows you to create more nuanced and believable voiceovers.

Beyond the Surface:

CleVoice offers some additional features to enhance your experience:

  • Free Trial with Daily Use: Explore CleVoice’s capabilities for free with their daily trial. This lets you try out different celebrity voices and effects before committing to a paid plan.
  • Gaming Integration: CleVoice integrates seamlessly with popular gaming platforms, allowing you to apply voice filters and effects directly within your game.
  • Soundboard Feature: Access a library of pre-recorded voice clips and memes to add instant humor or personality to your content.

Things to Consider:

  • Limited Free Features: While the free trial grants daily use, accessing all celebrity voices or advanced features might require a paid subscription.
  • Potential System Requirements: Using CleVoice for real-time voice changing might require a computer with sufficient processing power.

CleVoice is a versatile AI tool that caters to both entertainment and practical uses. Whether you want to prank your friends, create engaging gaming content, or simply have fun experimenting with different voices, CleVoice offers a compelling option. However, keep in mind the potential limitations of the free tier and any system requirements for real-time voice changing. This is the Best AI Celebrity Voice Generator. Make Your Content Shine with AI Celebrity Voices Make Your Content Shine with AI Celebrity Voices steps into the spotlight with its user-friendly AI celebrity voice generator. Here’s what makes it a great choice for many creators:

  • Simple and Straightforward: boasts a user-friendly interface. No complex setup is required. Just pick your favorite celebrity voice, upload your audio or text, and let the AI work its magic.
  • Variety of Celebrity Voices: Breathe life into your projects with a diverse range of popular celebrity voices. Whether you need the seriousness of David Attenborough or the cheerfulness of Ellen DeGeneres, has a voice to suit your needs.
  • More Than Celebrity Voices: While celebrity voices are a highlight, offers a broader range of AI voices for different purposes. You can create voiceovers with different accents, genders, and even cartoon characters.
  • Flexibility with Audio Formats: supports various audio formats, making it easy to integrate your voiceover into existing projects. Whether you have a pre-recorded video or a simple text file, can handle it.

Beyond the Basics:

While simplicity is key, offers some additional features:

  • Free to Use: Enjoy the core functionality of generating celebrity voiceovers for free. This makes it a great option for casual users or those just starting to explore AI voice generation.
  • Multiple Download Options: Once you’ve generated your voiceover, download it in your preferred format like MP3 or WAV for easy integration into your projects.
  • AI Song Cover Generator (Bonus): Looking to add a fun twist to your music? also offers an AI song cover generator. This allows you to transform your favorite songs into covers sung by different artists, including some celebrities.

Things to Consider:

  • Limited Customization: might offer fewer customization options compared to some competitors. For example, you might not be able to fine-tune the pitch or speed of the celebrity voice as much.
  • Focus on Online Use: While downloadable audio formats exist,’s core functionality seems geared more towards online content creation.

A Great Choice for Beginners and Casual Users:’s user-friendly interface, free tier, and diverse voice options make it a great choice for those new to AI voice generation or who don’t require extensive customization features. Whether you’re creating a funny video or adding a professional touch to your presentation, offers a simple and effective way to leverage the power of AI celebrity voices.



Musicfy isn’t solely focused on celebrity voices, it deserves a mention for its unique approach to AI-generated audio. Here’s what sets Musicfy apart:

  • Focus on Music Creation: Unlike other tools that prioritize celebrity voices for narration, Musicfy leans towards the musical side of AI. It allows you to create music using AI, including singing voices that resemble celebrities.
  • AI Voice Cloning: Want your song to sound like it’s sung by your favorite artist? Musicfy’s AI voice cloning feature lets you create a custom voice model that mimics a specific singer. This allows for more creative freedom in your music production.
  • Text-to- music with AI Voices: Craft entire songs by simply typing your lyrics and selecting an AI voice, including those resembling celebrities. Musicfy uses AI to generate music that complements your lyrics and chosen voice.
  • Beyond Celebrity Voices: Musicfy offers a vast library of non-celebrity AI voices, allowing you to explore different vocal styles and genres for your music projects.

A Note on Celebrity Voices:While Musicfy can create voiceovers that resemble celebrities, it’s important to be mindful of copyright and licensing issues. It’s best to use the celebrity-like voices for creative purposes that don’t infringe on the artist’s rights.Additional Considerations:

  • Pricing: Musicfy offers both free and paid plans. The free tier allows you to experiment with some features, while paid plans unlock more advanced options like voice cloning and longer song generation.
  • Learning Curve: Music creation with AI can involve some learning. While Musicfy is user-friendly, exploring its full potential might take some practice.

The Musician’s AI Playground:If you’re a musician or aspiring music creator looking to experiment with AI-generated vocals, Musicfy offers a compelling option. With its focus on music creation, voice cloning, and diverse AI voices, it opens doors for unique and creative musical projects. Just remember to use celebrity-like voices responsibly and ethically.

Lovo AI:

Lovo AI:

Lovo AI isn’t exclusively an AI celebrity voice generator, but it’s a strong contender in the overall AI text-to-speech (TTS) market, offering celebrity voices as part of its features. Here’s a breakdown of what Lovo AI brings to the table:

  • Text-to-Speech Powerhouse: Lovo AI excels in converting your text into natural-sounding speech across a wide range of voices. This makes it useful for various applications, from creating voiceovers for presentations to adding narration to explainer videos.
  • Celebrity Voices Included: While not the sole focus, Lovo AI boasts a library of celebrity voices you can leverage for your projects. Breathe life into your content with the iconic tones of actors like Morgan Freeman or the cheerful enthusiasm of Ellen DeGeneres.
  • Extensive Voice Library (Beyond Celebrities): Lovo AI goes beyond celebrity voices. Explore a vast collection of non-celebrity voices with different accents, genders, and even options for cartoon characters. This versatility makes it suitable for diverse creative needs.
  • Customization Options: Lovo AI allows you to fine-tune your chosen voice, including celebrity voices. You can adjust pitch, emphasis, and even add pauses or non-verbal sounds for a more natural and nuanced delivery.

Beyond the Core Features:

Lovo AI offers additional functionalities to enhance your experience:

  • Free and Paid Plans: Lovo AI provides a free tier with basic features, allowing you to experiment with the platform. Paid plans unlock advanced options like extended character limits and access to a wider voice library, including more celebrity choices.
  • Seamless Integration: Lovo AI integrates with various video editing tools, making it easy to incorporate your generated voiceovers into your existing projects.
  • Focus on Quality and Realism: Lovo AI prioritizes high-quality, realistic-sounding voices. Their team of machine learning engineers constantly monitors and refines the AI models to ensure natural-sounding speech.

Things to Consider:

  • Free Tier Limitations: The free tier might have limitations on voice selection, character count, and commercial use. Upgrading to a paid plan unlocks more options for professional use.
  • Focus on TTS: While celebrity voices are available, Lovo AI caters to a broader text-to-speech need. If your sole focus is on celebrity impersonations, other tools might offer more extensive celebrity voice libraries.

A Well-Rounded AI Voice Solution:

Lovo AI stands out as a versatile and user-friendly AI voice generation platform. With its free tier, extensive voice library (including celebrities), and customization options, it’s a great choice for both casual users and professionals looking to create high-quality voiceovers with a touch of celebrity flair. Remember to consider the limitations of the free tier and explore other options if your primary need is a vast library of celebrity impersonations. This is the Best AI Celebrity Voice Generator.

Murf AI:

Murf AI:

Murf AI joins the ranks of AI voice generation tools, offering a compelling option for incorporating celebrity voices into your projects. Here’s what makes Murf AI stand out:

  • Focus on Natural Speech: Murf AI prioritizes creating realistic-sounding AI voices, including those resembling celebrities. Their goal is to move beyond robotic speech and deliver natural inflections and tones.
  • Celebrity Voice Collection: While not the most extensive, Murf AI offers a curated selection of high-quality celebrity voices that you can leverage for narration, explainer videos, or even fun social media content.
  • Emphasis on Control: Murf AI empowers you to fine-tune the delivery of your chosen voice, including celebrity impersonations. You can adjust speaking style, emphasis on specific words, and even pacing for a more natural and engaging voiceover.
  • Additional Features Beyond Celebrity Voices: Murf AI goes beyond just celebrity voices. Explore a library of non-celebrity voices with various accents, genders, and tones to suit different project needs.

More Than Just Text-to-Speech:

Murf AI offers functionalities beyond simple text-to-speech conversion:

  • Video and Presentation Integration: Seamlessly integrate your AI-generated voiceovers with your existing videos and presentations for a professional touch. Murf AI allows for easy syncing of voiceovers with visuals.
  • Transcription Tool: Transform existing audio or video recordings into text. This can be helpful for repurposing content or creating subtitles.
  • Free and Paid Plans: Murf AI provides a free tier with limited features, allowing you to test the waters. Paid plans unlock advanced options like longer voice generation, access to more celebrity voices, and commercial use rights.

Things to Consider:

  • Limited Free Tier: The free tier might restrict the number of characters you can convert to speech and the number of celebrity voice options available. Upgrading unlocks more possibilities.
  • Focus on Quality Over Quantity: While Murf AI offers celebrity voices, their primary focus seems to be on overall voice quality and natural-sounding speech.

A Strong Contender for Natural-Sounding Celebrity Voiceovers:

If creating high-quality, natural-sounding voiceovers with a touch of celebrity magic is your priority, Murf AI is a strong contender. Their focus on realism, editing controls, and additional features like video integration make it a well-rounded solution for both casual users and professionals. However, if you need a vast library of celebrity impersonations, other tools might offer more extensive choices. This is the Best AI Celebrity Voice Generator.



VoxBox appears to be a lesser-known option compared to the others you’ve mentioned. Here’s what I could find:

  • Limited Information: There’s a scarcity of readily available information about VoxBox online. This makes it difficult to comprehensively assess its features and functionalities compared to the other AI voice generators you’ve explored.
  • Potential Focus: Based on the name “VoxBox,” it’s possible that VoxBox specializes in voice-related features, potentially including AI-generated speech. However, without more details, it’s uncertain if it offers a specific focus on celebrity voices.


Given the limited information available about VoxBox, it might be safer to stick with the previously explored options like Vidnoz, CleVoice, or Lovo AI. These tools have established websites and online reviews, making it easier to understand their features and suitability for your needs.

Here’s how you can continue your research:

  • Official Website: If you can find an official website for VoxBox, it would be the most reliable source for information about its features, pricing, and supported AI voices (including celebrities, if applicable).
  • Online Reviews: Searching for online reviews of VoxBox from other users can provide valuable insights into its functionality and user experience.

By following these steps, you can make a more informed decision about whether VoxBox is the right AI voice generator for your needs. This is the Best AI Celebrity Voice Generator.

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AI breathes life into content with celebrity voices

The Future of Voice Acting?

Imagine your favorite actor narrating your next vacation video, or a comedian adding humor to your presentation. AI voice generation is making this a reality, blurring the lines between science fiction and everyday content creation.

Beyond Entertainment: A Spectrum of Uses

This technology isn’t just about fun. AI voices can create engaging explainer videos, add personality to educational materials, or even personalize audiobooks.

The Power of Responsibility

With great power comes great responsibility. It’s crucial to use AI-generated celebrity voices ethically. Always get permission before using a celebrity’s voice for commercial purposes, and avoid creating misleading content.

The Voice of the Future is AI-Powered

As AI voice technology continues to evolve, the possibilities for creative expression are endless. Let’s embrace this new frontier while ensuring responsible use.

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FAQs on AI Celebrity Voice Generators

1. What is an AI Celebrity Voice Generator?

An AI Celebrity Voice Generator uses artificial intelligence to create realistic speech that sounds like a famous person. You simply type your text and choose a celebrity voice, and the AI converts it into audio.

2. Why Use an AI Celebrity Voice Generator?

There are many reasons! Here are a few:

  • Add Star Power: Capture attention and make your content more engaging with a recognizable voice.
  • Create Humorous Content: Prank your friends or add humor to projects with a celebrity impersonation.
  • Enhance Explainer Videos: Make educational content more engaging with a clear and authoritative voice.
  • Personalize Audiobooks: Imagine your favorite story narrated by your favorite celebrity!

3. Are AI Celebrity Voices Perfect?

While constantly improving, AI voices aren’t flawless. They might not capture every nuance of a celebrity’s speech patterns.

For personal use, it’s generally okay. However, using AI-generated celebrity voices for commercial purposes often requires permission from the celebrity or their representative.

There are many options available, including Vidnoz, CleVoice,, Lovo AI, and Murf AI. Each offers different features and pricing plans.

6. Do I Need Technical Skills to Use an AI Celebrity Voice Generator?

Most AI voice generators are user-friendly. Simply upload your text, choose a voice, and generate the audio.

7. What are some Ethical Concerns with AI Celebrity Voices?

It’s important to use this technology responsibly. Avoid creating misleading content or impersonating celebrities without permission.

8. Can I Use AI Celebrity Voices for My YouTube Channel?

It depends. If your channel is monetized, you might need permission from the celebrity for commercial use. Check the specific terms of service of your chosen AI voice generator.

9. How Will AI Celebrity Voices Change Content Creation?

This technology opens doors for more engaging and accessible content. Imagine educational videos narrated by celebrities or personalized audio books with different voices.

10. What’s the Future of AI Celebrity Voice Generators?

As technology advances, AI voices will become even more realistic and versatile. This opens a world of possibilities for creative expression and communication.

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