How To Use Janitor AI Tutorial 2024

JanitorAI lets you build and chat with fictional characters powered by artificial intelligence. It offers a fun way to express your creativity and interact with others through stories and scenarios. Design your own characters, customize their looks and personalities, and even experiment with different voices. Plus, you can explore a whole community of chatbots created by other users!

What is Janitor AI?

Anitor AI makes conversations feel real! Create your own unique characters or dive into the worlds of those made by others. The interactions are so natural, it’s like having your own personalized chatbot universe.

One of Anitor AI’s best features is how it understands the language. You can have in-depth conversations with your chatbots, just like you would with a friend. Need some information? Need help with a task? Anitor AI’s intelligence makes it versatile.

The possibilities for characters on Anitor AI are truly limitless. Find chatbots inspired by your favorite stories, real-life scenarios, and so much more. This makes chatting with Janitor AI feel both familiar and excitingly fresh. Plus, you can use it as a simple online chatbot or get creative by connecting it to other projects through its API – the flexibility is amazing!

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The Features of Janitor AI

Janitor AI has some amazing features. It’s great for understanding the human language. It can understand and interpret the text users enter thanks to Natural Language Processing technology (NLP). It can therefore provide accurate and relevant answers to your queries.

It doesn’t end there! It is super intelligent when it comes down to understanding context. It can understand the conversation context, which allows it to generate better and more relevant answers. The entire conversation is taken into consideration, not just individual words and phrases.

Janitor AI’s multi-channel functionality is another cool feature. It can be integrated across different platforms, such as websites, social media, and messaging apps. No matter where you may be, Janitor AI can help.

Janitor AI offers data cleansing that is automated. The software uses intelligent tools to quickly organize and count data combinations. It is an excellent time-saver for companies and helps to ensure that the data collected is accurate.

Here’s what you love: Janitor AI can be customized! Create and customize a character robot that matches your requirements. What a cool idea!

Janitor AI is equipped with a comprehensive knowledge base. The system can access databases and knowledge bases, so it will be able to pull information or data from them to answer your questions. You can now get all the info you require in no time!

AI Tools

Is the Janitor AI free?

To engage in conversation, you’ll need an API Key from OpenAI or KoboldAI.

  • OpenAI offers a $5 grant for free.
  • Kobold AI software is available for free.

OpenAI API Key is simple to create, while Kobold AI API requires some programming experience to be able to generate.

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What is Janitor AI?

Janitor AI makes it easy to get started. Follow these simple steps to start using JanitorAI for free.

Janitor AI website

Start by opening a browser on your mobile or computer. Navigate to the official JanitorAI website. This website has all you need to know about JanitorAI.

Janitor AI Login for Register an Account

Before you start using Janitor AI, you’ll have to create an account. The process is pretty simple. You can register by going to the site and looking for “Register”. Click on the “Login” button to access Janitor AI.

Janitor AI Login for Register an Account

You can then enter the necessary information to create an account. After you finish, you will have full access to all the cool functionalities and features that Janitor AI has to offer. This is a fun way to learn more about Janitor AI and get the most from it.

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Explore the Available Chatbots

Once you log in to Janitor AI, you’ll see a bunch of different characters that you can chat with. It’s like choosing your conversation buddy! Just pick the character that you prefer and click on the “Chat” option associated with them. But here’s the thing, you won’t be able to start chatting right away because it requires an API Key. So, make sure you have that handy.

Explore the Available Chatbots

Once you’re all set up, you can dive into some interesting conversations with your chosen character. It’s a fun way to interact and explore what Janitor AI has to offer.

Add Janitor AI API Key

To add an API Key, you just need to click on the “API not ready! Click to set up” button at the top of the screen. It will open a dialog box with further instructions for you.

Add Janitor AI API Key

In that dialog box, you’ll be asked to select the API key you prefer for your chatbot. You can also configure the Kobold AI API URL to continue using Janitor AI for free. If you need more detailed instructions, you can check out the article we provided or watch the YouTube video attached in the article.

Add Janitor AI API Key

Once you’ve created the API URL, you can simply copy and paste it in the designated place, and voila! You’ll be able to keep using Janitor AI for free.

The official Janitor AI Twitter account states that the following platform updates are currently worked on:

  • Janitor LLM: Compared to OpenAI’s GPT-3, this custom language model will be quicker, more accurate, and uncensored. Bot developers will also be able to use it. Power users will be able to access the beta over the course of the next few days, according to their announcement.
  • Reworking the backend is being done in order to keep up with the rapid increase in users, which occurred in just four days—from 4,000 to over 600,000.
  • DDoS protection: Their goal is to halt the DDoS attacks that have been impairing the availability and performance of their website.
  • A useful application for creating and using unique characters is Janitor AI. It does have some limitations, though, and there are some excellent Janitor AI alternatives available right now.

How to Chat on Janitor AI Free

To chat on Janitor AI, follow these steps:

  • Set up your profile and API.
  • Explore the array of characters on the Trending page or use the search function to find specific characters.
  • Select a character, which will direct you to the character’s page.
  • Press the “Chat with (character)” button to engage in a chat with the chosen character.

Janitor AI has got you covered with a wide range of character options to choose from. They even have popular anime-style characters, so you can chat with virtual personas that match your preferences. The goal of the platform is to create a conversational experience that feels just like interacting with real humans. It’s all about making your conversations more engaging and enjoyable. So, go ahead and pick your favorite character to have some fun and lively chats!

How Do I Create a Janitor AI Character?

How Do I Create a Janitor AI Character?

To create a character on Janitor AI, follow these steps:

  1. Start at the Janitor AI Homepage.
  2. Select “Create Character,” located in the top right corner of the page.
  3. Complete all the necessary fields as desired, including the character’s name, appearance, personality, and motivations.
  4. Upload an avatar to visually represent your character.
  5. Choose the appropriate tags for your character.
  6. Decide if you want your character bot to be public or private and whether it should be safe for work (SFW) or not safe for work (NSFW).
  7. After filling out all the necessary information, click the “Create character” button.

Your character is now ready for a chat. Note that if your character is set to Public, other users will also be allowed to chat with your janitor AI character.

Janitor AI Alternative

These AI chatbot platforms may be of interest to you if you’re searching for alternatives to Janitor AI. They provide both SFW and NSFW bots:

Candy AI

Candy AI

Candy AI sounds like an amazing platform. It offers immersive and personalized chats with AI-driven virtual companions. You get to choose from a diverse range of characters, each with their own unique personality and background. And here’s the best part: the dialogues are deep and intricate, adapting to your input. So, it’s like having a conversation that really gets you! Plus, you can even create your own characters and customize them to your liking. It’s all about making your chats more fun and tailored to your preferences.

Character AI

Character AI

The character AI platform is pretty awesome. It’s a chatbot powered by a neural language model, which means it can generate responses that sound just like a human. You can have contextual conversations with it, making it feel like you’re talking to a real person. They have a variety of chatbots with different personalities and backgrounds, including NSFW chat if that’s your cup of tea. But that’s not all! You can also use it to write stories, play games, practice languages, and so much more. The best part is, that you don’t even need to sign up to use the bots. It’s all about making your experience as easy and fun as possible.

Crushon AI

Crushon AI

Crushon AI platform is really popular when it comes to NSFW bots. It’s a great place to chat with your crushes without any restrictions or filters. You can have open and unrestricted conversations with them, which can be a lot of fun! And guess what? You can even create your own chatbots and customize them to make your chats even more personal. The best part is that Crushon AI offers a free plan and affordable pricing options, so you can enjoy all these features without breaking the bank.

Kupid AI

Kupid AI

Kupid AI is such a cool chat platform. It’s all about virtual companionship and having those personalized conversations that really make you feel connected. You can discuss different topics, explore common interests, and build connections with AI-generated characters that feel just like real people. The best part is, that it works on various platforms and devices, so you can access it wherever you want. And guess what? You can even customize your virtual experience to match your own preferences and desires. It’s all about making it feel like you’re having a genuine conversation with someone who understands you.

SpicyChat AI

SpicyChat AI

SpicyChat AI is a really interesting chatbot platform. It lets you create and chat with all kinds of AI characters, including those that have NSFW conversations. The best part is that it’s super easy to use! You can create your own chatbots and also explore thousands of diverse chatbots that have been created by the community. It’s a great way to have fun and engaging conversations.

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Janitor AI LLM

Janitor AI has developed its language model (LLM) to enhance its chat capabilities. This new LLM is becoming a strong competitor to OpenAI’s language model because it doesn’t have the same user restrictions or censorship limitations. It’s all about giving users more freedom in their conversations. And here’s something cool: in the future, there’s a chance that Janitor AI’s LLM might even provide essential support for free!

There are so many cool applications for Janitor AI’s LLM. For example, you can use it for role-playing games, where you can have a blast pretending to be different characters. It’s also super valuable for chatbot development, serving as a foundation for creating even more advanced AI chatbots. And let’s not forget about the emotional support it can provide. If you’re dealing with depression, loneliness, or isolation, the Janitor AI LLM can be really helpful for therapeutic purposes.

I hope that gives you a good idea of how awesome Janitor AI’s LLM is! Let me know if you have any other questions or if there’s anything else I can help you with!


Janitor AI is such a cool platform for creating chatbots that can have complex and realistic conversations. The best part is, that you can use Janitor AI for free! They’ve got a method that allows you to access all its amazing features without any cost. If you found this article helpful, don’t forget to share your thoughts and feedback in the comment section below. Your input is super valuable!

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