20+ Secret Messaging Apps For 2024

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Secret Messaging apps make it possible to stay in touch with people from all around the world, yet with all this global communication comes new risks for both security and privacy breaches. Your private messages could be read by third-parties such as organizations behind these apps as well as governments that collect personal data about citizens. Remember that popular services like Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook Messenger do not use end-to-end encryption; which could put at risk your conversations.

On the other hand, many Secret messaging chat applications have taken steps to enhance privacy and security by employing end-to-end encryption, meaning no one other than yourself and the recipient are able to read your messages. Secure chat programs have become increasingly essential in today’s technologically connected society.

What is Secret Messaging?

Secret messaging involves many components; we have identified three of the most essential aspects that will ensure an application can provide Secret Messaging Apps services. End-to-end encryption, multi-mode messages and cross-device synchronization should all be considered when selecting an effective secure messaging software solution.

  • End-to-end encryption can be seen as a method for creating Secret Messaging Apps by encrypting messages so only those participating can see them, rather than Internet service providers, the app creator, or government authorities or any other third party. Once a message has been written and sent out into transit, no other party is able to see it until its arrival at its intended recipient’s phone. End-to-end encryption offers the most secure means of communicating. Without it, messages won’t stay private between sender and recipient as each message travels securely encrypted using local storage of secret codes or keys entrusted between them – with encryption disallowing backup copies anywhere including servers!
  • Multi-mode communication enables users to interact through video calls, text and audios. If the platform supports this form of interaction, users should typically have the option to delete any message they receive in various modes.
  • Multi-platform support gives users the power to send and share messages across desktop, web and mobile platforms securely and privately. If a user feels safer storing personal messages in one location and then deleting them off another later on, this could compromise privacy concerns for him or her.

The Best Apps for Secure Communication

There are numerous accessible solutions for finding a secure messaging app that prioritizes data privacy. We have curated an inventory of top reliable, most trusted Secret Messaging Apps that keep your information safe.

In order to be included on our list, the app must be fully encrypted from start to finish as well as offering cross-device/device synchronization with mobile, tablets and desktop computers, multi-mode communication (voice video audio and voice), synchronization across platforms/devices with secure synchronization across devices as well as voice video audio voice communication features – essential features necessary in making secure apps! In addition to essential features that make up secure apps we also added on some additional features which enhance security within these essential features which define what defines secure apps.

Here is our take on the top Secret Messaging Apps currently available:

1. Signal Private Messenger

Signal is our go-to Secret Messaging Apps of choice, and it’s clear why. All your conversations are protected with E2EE encryption technology, plus as a non-profit there’s no reason for them to harvest any user data. They have even implemented their technology into Google and Meta services!

Who It Is For

Signal is our top pick as it strikes an ideal balance between security and usability. Now more accessible than ever before, its usability has continued to evolve without having to compromise its integrity. Although lacking some of the features other Secret Messaging Apps boast and not quite reaching critical mass user base yet, if you want secure communication use Signal!


  • End-to-end encryption secured with open-source technology
  • Free, nonprofit owned
  • Group, voice, and video chats
  • Multiplatform support


  • Occasional delays
  • Few fun features


End-to-End EncryptionFor All Messages By Default
Requires Phone Number
Supported Client SoftwareAndroid, iOS, Linux, macOS, Windows
Web Interface
Supports Custom Stickers

2. WhatsApp

WhatsApp has achieved the widespread adoption that tech companies dream of. While originally intended as a means of avoiding costly international texting fees, WhatsApp has grown into an empire. Furthermore, WhatsApp takes security very seriously and enabled E2EE by default on conversations not related to business accounts.

Who It’s For

WhatsApp is already widely popular, making it a good bet if you want to avoid convincing everyone around you to install. That being said, it does come with some serious caveats: Meta owns it and thus casts doubt over its future and privacy protections; secondly, hackers or law enforcement can potentially access backups; however, WhatsApp provides clear notice regarding such potential issues and has solutions available where applicable.


  • End-to-end encryption by default
  • Enormously popular
  • Self-destructing messages and images
  • Video and voice calls
  • Fun and lively stickers
  • Free


  • Requires phone number and contacts list to function
  • Backups (especially iCloud) may be vulnerable to surveillance
  • Some users may not trust Meta to protect their privacy

3. Telegram

Telegram stands out from its competition by taking instant messaging one step further and expanding it into something truly innovative. You can still talk with friends, but also form communities, create blog posts effectively blog posts, hold live streams and more. However, this experience is somewhat marred by decisions which reduce security assurances compared to other apps – for instance only select conversations are protected with E2EE encryption.

Who It’s For

Telegram is an ideal platform to build communities, as well as have some fun! The company regularly introduces new social features and its creator-supported sticker store is massive. If you’re willing to forego end-to-end encryption in favor of audience building, this could be your solution – although Signal is currently our preferred Secret Messaging Apps choice and may one day rival Telegram in terms of features.


  • Strong social features in Group and Channels
  • Voice, video, and live streaming
  • Excellent design
  • Fun features like interactive emoji and stickers
  • Free


  • Not all messages are end-to-end encrypted
  • Poor discovery tools
  • Light hand on moderation


End-to-End EncryptionFor Some Modes Only
Requires Phone Number
Supported Client SoftwareAndroid, iOS, Linux, macOS, Windows
Web Interface
Supports Custom Stickers

4. Confide

This discreet texting app gives users the power to easily retract unread messages and enjoy privacy in both individual and group conversations. In addition, additional features like creating nicknames for contacts can create an individual experience for every user – perfect for creating memories!

Among the top Secret Messaging Apps for Android and iPhone, Viber provides two standard subscription plans – a 1-year plan with a 7-day free trial, as well as a 1-Quarter plan with 7-days free.

Features of Confide, the best private chatting app
  • Encrypted messaging
  • Disappearing messages
  • Spy Protection
  • Screenshot prevention
Metrics Android iOS
Latest Version:
Size:25.20 MB57.8 MB
Device Supported:6.0 and up13.0 or later
Subscription:Free, In-app purchasesFree, In-app purchases

5. Wire

The Secret Messaging Apps encrypted solution is ideal for organizations and businesses that depend on secure communication for business. It offers truly private messaging apps which protect all your information with encryption technology that adheres to European privacy regulations.

Wire stands out among the myriad of texting apps by providing users with exceptional privacy and security in their communications. Compatible with major social platforms, the chat secure app works to keep chats, files and calls in sync across devices.

Wire is one of the top secret texting apps and is widely regarded as an extremely secure collaboration platform. By leveraging its capabilities, this secure chat app enables teams to increase productivity while keeping their information confidential.

Features of Wire, a secret text app for Android and iOS
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Option to log in with multiple accounts
  • Provides secure file-sharing
  • Support voice & video calls
Metrics Android iOS
Latest Version:
Size:15.27 MB76.3 MB
Device Supported:8.0 and up13.0 or later

6. Viber

Viber stands out among today’s best video chat apps with its fast, secure, and free communication apps that are simple, fast and secure – boasting more than 1 billion global users as of recent statistics. If you’re in need of an effective secret chat messenger to text or make high-quality calls invisibly for free then take a look at Viber today.

To access one of the best private messaging apps that hide text messages, all you need is a stable Wi-Fi or data plan connection and encrypted messaging app download for accessing services such as international free calls, text message sending and group chats among close friends etc.

Features of Viber, a secret texting apps for iPhone and Android
  • Option to start a Viber community with unlimited members
  • Hundreds of GIFs and stickers are available for users
  • Self-destruct feature for your secret chats
  • It can completely sync with users’ desktops and tablets
Metrics Android iOS
Latest Version:
Size:58.80 MB276.4 MB
Device Supported:5.0 and up13.4 or later
Subscription:Free, In-app purchasesFree, In-app purchases

7. Session

Session, one of the best secret message chat apps for iPhone and Android, uses decentralized technology to protect conversations from being leaked or compromised. Furthermore, no metadata (i.e. sender of message sent / timestamp of event etc) is stored allowing it to ensure privacy during chat sessions.

Session is an anonymous text app designed to protect privacy, anonymity and security. Offering end-to-end encryption, no phone numbers for sign up and decentralization to keep messages private and safe, Session is truly the ideal messaging service to ensure safe communication.

Features of Session, one of the best secret message chat apps
  • Open-source texting app
  • Decentralized servers
  • It does not store any Metadata
  • Encrypted attachments
Metrics Android iOS
Latest Version:
Size:37.96 MB73.2 MB
Device Supported:6.0 and up13.0 or later

8. Stealthchat

StealthChat is your secret messenger, offering top-grade encryption on every message, file and call you send or receive. Featuring one-time chat encryption to keep conversations confidential while files and media are also hidden to prevent data leakage.

StealthChat uses “Off-The-Record Messaging” (OTR), which generates encryption keys on your device without ever being stored on any server, so future messages and voice calls remain protected (known as Perfect Forward Secrecy and Secure Real Time Transport respectively) with data always remaining encrypted, meaning eavesdropping is never an option.

Features of StealthChat, One of the best secret messaging apps
  • Really understands your privacy
  • It has been designed to operate quickly
  • Leaves no trace of your communication
  • Uses a simple and unique method
Metrics Android iOS
Latest Version:1.8.421.5.32
Size:5.87 MB14.9 MB
Device Supported:4.0 and up7.0 or later

9. Twinme

Twinme is a privacy-focused messaging app that puts your personal data first. Unlike other apps, Twinme does not require any of your details – subscription, phone number, email address or social network IDs – while protecting the confidentiality of your contacts by not accessing them directly in your address book.

Twinme gives you complete control over what information to share with each contact, from personalizing your name and image for different people to controlling how they can contact you. Your details remain specific to each contact – giving you complete privacy whether chatting to an old acquaintance or meeting new people! This app brings an innovative element to video calls: before accepting the call, contacts can view a live preview of you before accepting. This makes for more intimate interactions and relationships!

Features of Twinme, one of the best secret texting apps
  • You do not need to provide any personal information
  • You can choose what you disclose about yourself
  • Data exchanged always stay within devices
  • It never use your personal details for commercial purposes
Metrics Android iOS
Latest Version:22.322.3
Size:16.07 MB112.3 MB
Device Supported:4.4 and up11.0 or later

10. Snapchat

Over the past year, Snapchat has experienced its fair share of ups and downs, but remains one of the premier secure messaging apps for both iPhone and Android. Now popular among snapping enthusiasts alike.

Also, this Secret Messaging Apps’s encrypted texting features provide its users with an ideal method for anonymous texting – taking pictures and videos, adding text/caption overlays and sharing it with others – making it one of the best apps available to covertly transmit messages.

Features of Snapchat, one of the best chat apps with privacy
  • No third-party servers
  • No data backup from the company’s side
  • Messages are automatically deleted after 24 hours
  • Customizable security settings
Metrics Android iOS
Latest Version:
Size:72.20 MB286.9 MB
Device Supported:5.0 and up12.4 or later
Subscription:Free, In-app purchasesFree, In-app purchases

11. Dust

Dust is one of the premier encrypted messaging apps, providing easy texting with private phone call features and security. Dust’s chat-secure environment means your messages can never be recovered compared to conventional texting where everything you say can be stored on mobiles or servers and recovered later on.

Dust is one of the top Secret Messaging Apps, providing functionality to encrypt conversations on this most secure chat app. No one, including companies, has access to them; and users have complete control to erase them completely at anytime. Dust makes for the perfect way to hold private conversations between loved ones or clients of your company that require remaining untraced.

Features of Dust, one of the best secret messaging apps
  • Users can add a desirable number of people to group chats
  • Every message is automatically deleted after 24 hours
  • User conversations are highly encrypted
  • Option to un-send messages

12. Line

Line is another of our top-secret chat apps and was one of the first to emerge after Japan’s Tohoku earthquake of 2011. Engineers there used it as a way of communicating as it provided them with access to Internet-based communication channels as damage had compromised telecommunications infrastructure.

Line apps offer users an advantage in that they can choose whether or not to enable end-to-end encryption, with its Letter Sealing feature accessible by anyone and many considering it an ideal Secret Messaging Apps.

Features of the Line, one of the best secret messaging apps
  • Chat with up to 200 friends simultaneously
  • Auto-syncs on multiple devices
  • Can even call friends who aren’t on LINE
  • Free voice and video calls
Metrics Android iOS
Latest Version:
Size:89.29 MB337.3 MB
Device Supported:8.0 and up15.0 or later
Subscription:Free, In-app purchasesFree, In-app purchases

13. Voxer

Voxer is an app designed to hide your real phone number while still enabling you to text someone something. Not only can you send unlimited messages directly, but you can also securely share photos and videos. This top secret texting app for both iPhone and Android is one of the safest, untraceable conversations in which conversations take place. You can easily acquire phone numbers from various countries while protecting your personal details.

This Secret Messaging Apps ensures your conversations remain between only yourself and the person you’re speaking to, with end-to-end encryption for messages sent and received. Not just texts – send photos, videos and gifs safely! Plus share location or Dropbox files!

Features of the Voxer, one of the best encrypted secret messaging apps
  • Voice chat feature
  • End-to-end encrypted messages
  • Delete messages whenever you want to
  • Hide texts from your notification bar by customizing your settings
Metrics Android iOS
Latest Version:4.0.363.24.9
Size:30.57 MB76 MB
Device Supported:5.0 and up12.0 or later
Subscription:Free, In-app purchasesFree, In-app purchases

14. Utopia

Utopia provides you with an escape route from this digital universe plagued by surveillance. This private messenger app takes user privacy very seriously and implements strong encryptions throughout its ecosystem – from AES 256 bit and curve25519 encryptions that ensure users can chat without worry to 256-bit AES and curve25519 encryptions that provide modern users with all of the privacy they require to converse freely.

This app also lacks any centralized servers; rather, it uses a P2P network for user security and privacy. No email or phone number are necessary to use this Android-only texting app; additionally, its anonymity-enhancing features help protect both IP addresses and identities while safeguarding all your data in local storage rather than servers.

Features of Utopia, one of the best secret texting apps for Android
  • Offers 256-bit AES and curve25519 encryptions
  • Stores data on local storage instead of centralized servers
  • Hides IP addresses and identities
  • Does not require a phone number or email address
Metrics Android iOS
Latest Version:1.2.276NA
Size:59.25 MBNA
Device Supported:8.1 and upNA

15. Pryvate Now Messenger

Pryvate Now Messenger provides the perfect solution if your communications with colleagues or friends concern the confidentiality of their conversations. With its RSA 4096-bit and SHA-256 encryption technology, Pryvate Now Messenger ensures your calls and chats remain unhackable while not compromising call quality – acting similarly like other picks but with added layers of protection.

Pryvate provides your chats, videos, emails and web activity with triple-layered encryption technology to safeguard both private matters and business dealings. RSA 4096-bit and SHA-256 encryption create a direct link with colleagues, clients and friends without middlemen or servers getting in the way.

Features of Pryvate Now Messenger, the best private messaging app
  • Top-notch encryption 
  • Allows unlimited chats, calls, and emails
  • Does not compromise quality
  • Allows auto-deletion of information
Metrics Android iOS
Latest Version:14.2.1114.2.16
Size:36.49 MB107.8 MB
Device Supported:6.0 and up13.0 or later
Subscription:Free, In-app purchasesFree, In-app purchases

16. Skred

Skred is the first peer-to-peer instant messaging app that doesn’t require users to provide their email or phone number for registration, making the service truly free for use by anyone without subscription plans, sim cards, providers or leaving any trace behind.

Secret Chat App for Android and iPhone was built with privacy in mind and leverages high levels of authorization encryption, making it one of the top Secret Messaging Apps for both platforms. Featuring an intuitive user interface that facilitates easy transmission of text messages, images, voice calls, video calls and videos between contacts.

Features of Skred, one of the best secret texting apps for iPhone and Android
  • Intuitive UI
  • No details required for using the app
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Open-source
Metrics Android iOS
Latest Version:12.312.3
Size:17.12 MB117.4 MB
Device Supported:4.4 and up11.0 or later
Subscription:Free, In-app purchasesFree, In-app purchases

17. Instagram

Instagram is a widely-used social networking platform with features including photo and video sharing, video calling, secret texting under its Vanishing Mode, and much more. Furthermore, Instagram is one of the top Secret Messaging Apps for iPhone and Android that offer these same services as well.

Vanishing mode ensures conversations are well encrypted and disappear once viewed by the user, with no backups stored for convos stored under this feature on iPhone and Android phones. You can leverage one of the top apps with hidden chat features to keep conversations private.

Features of Instagram, one of the best chat apps with privacy
  • Free social media and messaging platform
  • Includes vanishing mode 
  • Keeps conversations private
  • Comes with a dark mode as well
Metrics Android iOS
Latest Version:314.0.0314.0.0
Size:58.56 MB264.9 MB
Device Supported:9 and up15.0 or later
Subscription:Free, In-app purchasesFree, In-app purchases

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18. Threema

Threema is among the top-secret messaging apps and promises to protect your data from being exposed by hackers, third-party developers or governments. Encrypted for improved experience can be used anonymously; users can make end-to-end voice calls; it offers all features expected in a top-of-the-line chat app.

Threema is one of the leading secret chat apps available for desktops and can provide end-to-end encryption to protect all communication, such as messages, voice calls, group chats files and status messages. Thanks to Threema’s guaranteed security measures only those intended can ever view them and no other party ever gains access.

Features of Threema, best Secret Messaging Apps for Android and iOS
  • The multi-file format is supported
  • Users can send text and voice messages
  • Option to share locations, pictures, and videos
  • Option to make voice calls
Metrics Android iOS
Latest Version:
Size:29.32 MB78.9 MB
Device Supported:5.0 and up15.0 or later

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19. Status

Status is one of the newest players among popular secret messaging websites and apps in the market, offering open-source functionality as a private messenger, web3 browser and decentralized cryptocurrency wallet that enables access to Ethereum-based applications. One of the top secret texting apps available for iPhone and Android, Status offers end-to-end encryption along with peer-to-peer messaging protocol to provide private and secure communication.

Additionally, this Secret Messaging Apps for iPhone and Android does not require users to log in with any user number – instead using both private and public crypto-graphic keys stored on your device. In order to continue using it, users will need to create their own chat key and name unique to themselves in order to use the service.

  • Support digital wallet
  • Explore decentralized internet without exploiting data
  • Intuitive UI
  • Peer-to-peer borderless communication
Metrics Android iOS
Latest Version:
Size:97.56 MB96.9 MB
Device Supported:6.0 and up11.0 or later

20. Wickr Me

With fully encrypted voice calling and memos, you can instantly connect with friends one on one or in groups. Furthermore, new additions have been made to end-to-end secret file and video sharing – giving users full control over who accesses your content and for how long. With one of the chat apps with privacy users can take full control over who has access and for how long.

Each message is secured using advanced end-to-end encryption technology and never have access to your messages or contact lists, since no mobile number or email address are necessary to register with this app.

Features of Wickr Me, the best private chatting app
  • Advance vetted end-to-end encryption
  • Private group options with up to 10 users limit
  • Uses an open-source code for transparency
  • It overwrites on all deleted content
Metrics Android iOS
Latest Version:
Size:33.85129.6 MB
Device Supported:8.0 and up14.0 or later

21. Zangi

Zangi is an international, secure messaging application available across all countries and accessible without additional charges. From HD video calls with friends to business conference calls, Zangi offers an integrated platform for all forms of online communication.

Zangi’s network is fully secured with end-to-end encryption that safeguards messages and information against being intercepted and misused, giving no one else access to your conversations except you. Zangi provides innovative secure messaging solutions designed for its users with secure high quality communication solutions that put their privacy first.

Features of Zangi, A Private Messenger for Your Mobile
  • Offers a free messenger, and a separate app for businesses
  • Unique peer-to-peer technology without a central server
  • Offers multi-level graded encryption to secure messages
  • Works well with any internet speed without interruptions 
Metrics Android iOS
Latest Version:
Size:28.42 MB174 MB
Device Supported:5.0 and up12.0 or later
Subscription:Free, In-app purchasesFree, In-app purchases

22. Mattermost

Mattermost is an advanced Secret Messaging Apps encrypted with cutting-edge algorithms, making it one of the go-to applications for hiding text messages. Many consider this secret text app their go-to application because it offers all features they require in one convenient place.

The best private chatting app is here to enhance your social life with features that include media management and music control for an engaging live feature experience.

Features of Mattermost, the best private chatting app
  • Users can create and maintain their separate circles
  • Have safe one-on-one or group chats
  • Easy file-sharing option which is encrypted
  • Connect in-house systems with webhooks and Slack-compatible integrations
Metrics Android iOS
Latest Version:2.12.0v2.12.0
Size:33.46 MB73.7 MB
Device Supported:7.0 and up12.4 or later

How to Choose Best Secret Messaging Apps?

Are you confused on how to select the most suitable app for secret messaging? Let’s discuss some key factors which affect this decision:

  • Emphasis must be placed on End-to-End encryption This ensures a safe system wherein only the intended parties can read messages, while service providers don’t have access to accessing content, providing protection from potential hacker breaches or even intrusion from service providers themselves.
  • Security-minded Data Privacy Measures A satisfactory privacy policy must clearly ensure that user data does not remain on an app’s servers for longer than necessary and do not sell or share with third-party companies. Insight into how an app collects and uses its data provides valuable insight into its privacy measures.
  • Implementation of disappearing messages allows the automatic deletion of sent and received messages at an agreed-upon time or upon viewing, providing an efficient means of sending sensitive information while minimising impact on both devices.
  • Preserving Privacy, Anonymity: creme of the crop of anonymous Secret Messaging Apps do not disclose personal data such as email addresses or phone numbers of their users, thus protecting their anonymity and preventing anyone from being linked with their identities or activities easily. This ensures the privacy and anonymity of its users and prevents anyone from easily being linked with them or what they do.
  • Increased Screen Security Measures By adding features like blocking previews of messages on lock screens and the ban on screenshots, additional privacy security can be achieved. These safeguards ensure that unauthorized users cannot read or take screenshots without prior written approval from you.
  • Advocate for Open Source Software and Independent Audits Utilizing open-source software allows for an extensive review of code for any security vulnerabilities and fosters greater transparency. Regular audits conducted by security specialists from independent sources help strengthen an application’s security by identifying and fixing vulnerabilities that might exist within it.
  • Reliability and Performance that Exceed Expectations An effective messaging system must demonstrate unfalterable reliability; messages should arrive quickly and error-free even on slow or unstable internet connections, without interruption to communication or compromise to security. An optimal application should meet these criteria without fail.
  • Navigating through an app should be simple for even those without much technical expertise, while an user-friendly and sleek interface should improve accessibility, ease of use and overall user experience.
  • Comprehensive Multi-Platform Support. When users utilize multiple devices, such as tablets, smartphones and computers, selecting an app that offers cross-platform Secret Messaging Apps compatibility is of utmost importance for secure and seamless Secret Messaging Apps regardless of device used. This will guarantee safe communication.


When choosing the ideal secretive communication tool, prioritizing security and privacy must take precedence over other considerations. A good application should provide full encryption, adhere to an inflexible data privacy policy, include features such as vanishing messages and screen shot shielding in order to shield conversations from being scrutinized by third-parties; open source platforms designed specifically to hide messages in text generally offer higher degrees of transparency and security while seamless functionality, dependability and compatibility across platforms are crucial in order for secure conversations to take place efficiently and safely.

Be mindful that the effectiveness of any secret communication app depends upon your usage. Be wary when accessing sensitive information. Exercise discretion in selecting those with whom you share personal conversations.

As well, when it comes to non-regulated apps and messaging platforms, if you’re developing a product and would like some feedback on it please reach out! Stay abreast of the most up-to-date developments in mobile app industry or share your experiences. Keeping informed and active within our community as developers is key for exploring this ever-evolving world of hidden communication apps.

What is a secret chat?

Secret chat refers to any form of encrypted conversation that takes place behind closed doors and remains unknown to other parties.

What texting app cannot be traced?

Above is a list of top secret messaging apps which offer anonymous texting without leaving a trail in their wake.

Can an anonymous texting app be traced?

Anonymous texting apps can be difficult to track accurately, necessitating sophisticated tools for investigation.

How do you hide text messages?

Android and iOS devices both offer multiple solutions that make hiding text messages simple; one effective strategy is using a password-protected phone number as an intermediary point to do just this.

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