The Top 6 AI-based Recipe Generators for 2024

What is an AI Recipe generator?

AI recipe generators use machine-learning algorithms, which analyze data from multiple sources such as recipes online, blogs cookery sites, etc., to create customized recipes within seconds.

The generator can take into account your dietary needs, cooking experience, as well as the types of ingredients that you would like to use or exclude.

AI recipe generators: Benefits

There are many benefits of using an AI recipe generators, whether you’re an experienced cook or a complete beginner:

  • An AI recipe generators can generate almost immediate recipes using your ingredients. This saves you a lot of time.
  • Reduce food waste by instructing AI-generated recipes to use ingredients that are close to expiry dates.
  • AI recipe generators may help you be a better cook by encouraging you to experiment with flavors that you might not have thought of otherwise.
  • In no time, you can create an infinite number of tasty recipes.

We’ve now covered some of the most popular AI recipe generators.

What are the best AI recipe generators in 2023?

  1. ChefGPT
  2. Dishgen
  3. Let’s Foodie
  4. FoodAI
  5. SuperCook
  6. PlantJammer

1. ChefGPT


ChefGPT is available as a desktop application or an app. You can download the app from Google Play and Apple App Store.

You can get started for free by creating an account. Once you do that, the dashboard of ChefGPT will appear. You can do the following from here:

  • Type in your ingredients
  • Choose the meal that you would like to prepare (breakfast or lunch), dinner, or snack.
  • Choose from the ChefGPT List which tools in your kitchen you own (stovetop, food processor, mixer, etc.).
  • Choose the amount of time that you want to spend.
  • ChatGPT will ask you to tell them what level of cooking ability you have (novice/intermediate/expert).
  • Choose the Chef Mode you want (for example, Gourmet Mode only uses the most effective combination of ingredients, while All-In Mode includes all ingredients that are typed in).

You can save your recipes in your “cookbook” and you can add your ingredients to the shopping list.

ChefGPT, unlike DishGen, has different pricing levels:

Basic – $0 forever. Included in this package are:

  • Monthly Recipes
  • PantryChef Mode is the basic recipe generator (described above).
  • Five recipes can be saved in your book
  • Your Shopping List allows you to save up to five recipes.

Pro is $2.99/month or $29.99/year, with a seven-day free trial. The Basic plan includes everything you get in the basic package, plus

  • Recipes that can be generated in unlimited numbers
  • You can customize your recipes by adding dietary restrictions and preferences to the MasterChef mode.
  • MacrosChef mode: Create customized recipes according to your macronutrient targets (calories and proteins, fats and oils).
  • MealPlanChef mode: Creates a menu plan that supports your fitness goals and diet.
  • Receive pairing suggestions for wine and beer with your recipe.
  • Your cookbook can contain an unlimited number of recipes.
  • Add endless recipes to the shopping list
  • Ads are not displayed

2. DishGen


DishGen has a very user-friendly interface. Create 30,000+ different recipes. Enter the ingredients in the search box or share your idea with DishGen. Add dietary preferences like low-fat or vegan. You can even add carb-free and gluten-free.

DishGen gets right to work populating a recipe that you can try.

This recipe contains:

  • The title of the recipe
  • Description of the dish
  • Ingredients
  • Steps to a recipe

DishGen encourages you to create an account if you want to save, share, and print your recipes. DishGen’s dashboard allows you to manage your account.

A DishGen account will always be free and you’ll have access to the following:

  • Every month, you can earn up to 20 credits for recipe creation.
  • Your account history allows you to save the history of your recipes.
  • You can access the Bookmark folder by tapping the Bookmark icon in any of your recipes or those created by DishGen users.
  • You can earn more credit by uploading images, leaving comments, and sharing recipes via social media such as Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

Although there are currently no paid accounts available, two new premium features will be coming to my dashboard soon.

  • You can get 8+ different recipes from any list or prompt.
  • Plan (Generate a customized AI meal plan).

However, these features were free at the time this article was written, but you cannot seem to buy more credits.

DishGen offers an extensive Recipe Bank, wAI in Astrologyhich contains recipes that have been created by DishGen’s users. You can check whether or not you have an Account.

3. Let’s Foodie

Let's Foodie

Let’s Foodie was created in 2021. It works much the same as DishGen, in that it allows you to enter a list of ingredients and Let’sFoodie will generate a recipe.

The following ingredients are included in the recipes:

  • The title of the recipe
  • Ingredients and quantities are listed in the list.
  • Instructions for cooking

Let’s Foodie does not require you to create an account, nor was there a pricing plan at the time this article was written.

You can share the recipe that you create on Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit by using the recipe-sharing option available on Let’sFoodie one of AI recipe generators.

Let’sFoodie’s blog offers guides to different aspects of food preparation, such as:

  • What to freeze (e.g. marinated meats, goulash, etc.)
  • What to cook (e.g. how to poach duck egg, roast courgettes, etc.
  • What to microwave (like quinoa or milk)
  • What to do with (e.g. rhubarb or asparagus)
  • What to do when you want to reheat (e.g. custards, creme brûlée, beef Wellington)
  • With chicken casserole, nachos) With chicken casserole or nachos
  • No information is given on how to store it (all instructions are here).

Find FAQs under the following categories.

  • Baking
  • Cooking
  • Eat
  • The Leftovers
  • Compare (similar types of food, for example, cream cheese and cottage cheese).

4. FoodAI


FoodAI has a very simple interface. Click on the icons of ingredients you’d like to include in your recipe. For example, cucumber, eggplant, onion, garlic, chicken, salt, etc. Once you have done that, you can then customize your recipe, by providing FoodAI with more information. Below the food icons, you can choose from several options.

  • Include extra ingredients in your recipes
  • Enter the ingredients that you wish to exclude from your recipe
  • Select a recipe if you are a vegetarian or vegan
  • Select if you are looking for a gluten-free recipe
  • What region do you prefer to get your recipes from? (Asian American European African Australian Middle Eastern Latin American
  • You can add any extra information you feel AI should have before it generates a recipe, for example, low-fat

It is only possible to create a recipe if you have an account. The first 30 days of use are completely free. You’ll pay $0.99/month after that. However, the 30-day free trial is only accessible if you provide your credit card information.

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5. SuperCook


SuperCook is available as a desktop application or an Android/iOS app.

You can switch the homepage language from English to any of 23 languages including French or Spanish. You can create your SuperCook pantry by using the ingredients you have in your home. SuperCook presumes that you have only salt, pepper, and water. There’s a long list of categories and the ingredients that go with them. Click on the ingredients you’d like to have in your pantry for any SuperCook recipes.

The following food categories can be found:

  • Pantry: 40 Ingredients
  • Vegetables & Greens: 100 Varieties
  • Mushrooms – 40 different varieties
  • Fruit: 100 varieties
  • Berry: 43 different varieties
  • The Nuts & Seeds Collection: 42 varieties
  • Cheese: 100 different varieties
  • Dairy products and eggs: 82 different varieties
  • Dairy-free and Meat-Free Alternatives: 100 Varieties
  • Meat: more than 100 types
  • Poultry: 87 varieties
  • There are 100 different varieties of fish
  • Fish and seaweed: 50 different varieties
  • Herbs and spices: 100 different varieties
  • Sugars and sweeteners – 100 different varieties
  • Spice blends and seasonings in 100 different varieties
  • Baking Ingredients: 100 varieties
  • There are 41 different types of premade doughs and wraps.
  • Grains and cereals: 81 varieties
  • Legumes: There are 66 different varieties
  • Pasta: 87 varieties
  • Bread and Salty Snacks – 100 different varieties
  • 73 types of oils and fats
  • There are 65 different types of dressings and vinegars.
  • Condiments: 100 varieties
  • Can Foods: 100 different varieties
  • There are 100 different types of sauces, spreads, and dips.
  • Soups and Stews: 88 different varieties
  • Desserts and sweet snacks: 100 different varieties
  • There are 100 different types of wine, beer, and spirits
  • There are 100 different types of non-alcoholic beverages
  • Complements and extracts: 100 types

The “suggest Ingredient” button is at the end of the long list. This will allow you to include any other ingredients in your pantry that are not listed above.

Your recipes will appear to the right of SuperCook.

You can also type in your ingredients directly into the search box and the recipes will appear.

SuperCook will also show you recipes that contain ingredients you didn’t add. It’ll tell you what ingredient is missing.

Clicking on the title of a recipe will show you:

  • Ingredients and their quantities
  • How long does it take to prepare the recipe?
  • Method
  • What is the source of the recipe (food blog, magazine online, etc.)?

All of the above can be done without creating an account. If you choose to sign up for an account you will only need an email address and password. SuperCook AI was free at the time this article was written.

6. Plant Jammer

Plant Jammer

Plant Jammer offers two different options:

  1. One for consumers
  2. The One For Companies

We’ll look at them all in the order below:


PlantJammer can be used on your desktop, or you can download it as a mobile app for iOS or Android. The PlantJammer site tells us that if you choose the web-based version you will only receive three types of (unspecified), free recipes. If you purchase the app for $10, you will have access to all of PlantJammer’s recipes.

PlantJammer is easy to use. Just click on the food icons in the list (e.g. avocado, butternut, broccoli) and tell it what’s inside your pantry or fridge. Add ingredients to the list by typing into the search box.

Click the “find dynamic recipe” button after adding the ingredients to your recipe. Watch as the list of recipe titles and the time it takes to prepare each recipe appears in seconds.

You’ll be shown:

  • Ingredients and serving sizes
  • Add your spices by selecting the “Add matching Spices” option.

Click the button “Get Your Recipe”, to view your recipe.

PlantJammer also has an “Ingredients Shop” button that allows you to purchase all of your ingredients directly from Amazon Fresh.


Imagine you are a company (e.g. a discount supermarket site or supermarket) that wants to provide recipes for your customers. The Plant Jammer API widget can be used to provide recipes for your customers.

Get access to valuable data including:

  • Popular ingredient searches
  • The nutrition goals of your target audience by demographics, location, and interest


  • Trial version: The trial will last until you decide to purchase data
  • A subscription of $99 is required to gain access to the dashboard. This is not clear whether it’s a one-time fee or a monthly/annual subscription. I recommend contacting the company to confirm.

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Best AI Recipe Generators: My Final Verdict

What do you think of my top 10 list of AI recipe generators? Hope it whets your appetite for trying them! They will hopefully inspire you to cook amazing meals for your family, friends, and yourself.

AI-generated recipes could revolutionize the way we cook. AI recipe generators may be your solution to the monotony of the same dishes you cook over and over again.

These are my last thoughts about these tools.

Every recipe generator is quick. DishGen and SuperCook are among the more simple AI recipe generators.

It’s a bit disappointing, but I don’t think you should have to provide your credit card information to test FoodAI for free.

PlantJammer also offers a variety of products for both consumers and businesses, which we think is cool.

As I mentioned in my introduction, ChefCPT is the standout generator. The most advanced, but you’ll still be able to get some recipes with the free version.

This is all I have to say! What AI recipe generators piqued your interest out of the ones listed above? Please let me know what you think in the comment box!

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