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Writing Opportunities

NexusArticle opens up an abundance of writing opportunities! Unleash your imagination and explore a wide variety of fascinating subjects ranging from cutting-edge technology to mouthwatering food, globe-trotting adventures to niche interests – there is room for everyone here! Join us in creating narratives and expanding horizons!

Our Expectations

At the core of our content philosophy lies an unwavering commitment to excellence that’s evident through the rigorous standards we set. For a seamless submission experience, please follow these guidelines:

Relevance: Be certain your content ties back into the theme or niche you are targeting for maximum effectiveness. Affiliation with our website’s theme is also crucial.

Originality: We highly value the authenticity and uniqueness of HTML0 submissions; therefore, please avoid submitting material that has already been released elsewhere.

Word Count: Your article To maximise depth and provide full perspective, aim for an article between 1000-1500 words in length.

Grammar and Style:  Before submitting, carefully proofread your piece to check for any grammatical or spelling errors, maintain an engaging yet professional tone, and conduct an anti-plagiarism investigation.

Images: If you choose to include images, be sure they are relevant and provide appropriate attributions.

Keywords: To Include When Content Writing Make sure your writing incorporates key terms such as “write-for-us,” guest posting guidelines, or submit a guest post into its body to increase visibility of your piece of writing.

How to Submit

Are you keen on sharing your expertise? Follow these simple steps and create an eye-catching guest blog:

Introduce Your Topic: To get started on creating your piece, present us with your fascinating topic idea and brief summary of it.

Submission and Approval: Our office team will carefully evaluate your proposal and notify you as to its acceptance status.

Commence Writing: Now that your topic has been approved, begin writing your article according to our writing guidelines.

Submit: To be eligible, your work should be packaged into a Word document and sent via e-mail with “Guest Post Submission” as the subject line.

Review: Relax While We Take Care To Look Over And Examine It Or Offer Feedback or Securing Publication Details.

Benefits of Guest Posting

Engaging in writing projects with us can bring many advantages, including:

  • Exposure: Reach a wider range of people to increase the visibility of your chosen field.
  • Quality Backlinks: Securing quality backlinks will enhance your blog or site’s online presence and build credibility with viewers.
  • Networking Opportunities: Establish meaningful connections with others who share your interests and professionals who excel in your field to foster collaboration and knowledge exchange.
  • Personal Growth: Explore new topics while honing your craft by refining and improving your writing abilities, expanding on various themes that allow for growth and learning.

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If you’re thinking about anything or have an extraordinary idea that needs sharing, don’t hesitate to email us info@nexusarticle.com! We look forward to reviewing your submissions and welcoming them into our ever-expanding writer’s community.



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